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Both the natural gas and electrical utility construction foremen appreciated Dr. McDonald’s work and were excited about having someone with his expertise and credentials focus on their experience.

- Matt Thomas, CIO, Centuri Group, Inc.


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Results you can trust. With a Georgia Tech PhD-trained HF/UX researcher and author of several peer-reviewed scientific papers, you can expect sound research and reliable outcomes. 10+ years of SW/HW/Human Performance experience in areas ranging from startups to Fortune 50s to government agencies means I can speak your language and produce real ROI.


Customized, actionable deliverables for any team; from UI design sprints to medical device regulatory clearance to workflow behavioral interventions. Design recommendations and Human Factors guidance will not only improve your users’ overall experience, but significantly improve KPIs that matter the most to you — efficiency, safety, and customer/employee satisfaction.


Integrity, courtesy, and professionalism are at the core of every user interaction, ride-along, and team meeting. Whether interviewing your customers/workforce or delivering executive-level readouts, you can rest assured that every stakeholder will be treated with the utmost respect. Establishing trust through relationships is essential to user research.

The team is thrilled that we engaged with Joe! His expertise has been a transformational step to ensure a well-designed and successfully adopted system with our most important users, the field foremen.

- Marysa Popovic, Director Enterprise Portfolio Management, Centuri Group, Inc.

Joe McDonald, PhD

Joe McDonald, PhD, is Founder and Principal at HF/UX Consulting. With 10+ years of Human Factors and User Experience research in industry, government, and academia, Joe understands the importance of delivering quality, actionable research on realistic timelines.

Joe’s research experience spans hardware and software technologies from startups to Fortune 50’s, in verticals ranging from consumer products to transportation/aerospace to medical devices.

Joe holds an MS and PhD in Human Factors from Georgia Tech, has authored 17+ peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings, and has led training and workshops on Human Factors / Ergonomics topics for professional organizations and corporate clients.


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The HFUX summary documentation identified differences between customer workflows and highlighted the variation that exists based on geographic location and general population size.

- Marysa Popovic, Director Enterprise Portfolio Management, Centuri Group, Inc.